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Boiler & Pressure Plant Insurance

Boiler & Pressure Plant Insurance


Large Industrial establishments like yours are the lifeline for our economy. They contribute enormously to the growth and prosperity of our nation. It is critical to protect these lifelines as they fuel the dream of our nation. With SBI General's Boiler & Pressure Plant Insurance Policy, you can safe guard your dream as well as that of our nation. At SBI General we believe being with our customers at every step and help them be in control.
Sum Insured Calculation - The Boiler and/or Pressure Plant is to be covered for their current day new replacement value in order to avoid under-insurance.

Key Benefits

  • Protects the Boilers and other Pressure Plants against the risk of any damage to it
  • Protects the surrounding property
  • Covers against the accidental death or injury
  • Specific expenses incurred due to loss or damage to the insured items.


  • The Policy covers the insured Boiler and other Pressure Plants against the following risks:
  • Damage to the Boiler and/or Pressure Plant described in the Policy Schedule due to accident (other than by fire)
  • Damage to surrounding property of the Insured described in the schedule or property held in trust or on commission for which the Insured is responsible due to accident to the insured property (other than by fire)
  • Liability towards death of or bodily injury to any person or damage to property not belonging to the Insured in the event of explosion or collapse of the Insured Boiler/Pressure Plant.
  • Further, on payment of additional premium, the following coverages can be extended to cover expenses relating to:
  • Express Freight, Holiday and Overtime Rates of Wages
  • Air Freight
  • Owner's Surrounding Property
  • Additional Custom Duty


  • The cover under the Policy is subject to the following warranties:
  • The Boilers and Pressure Plants are to be annually inspected by Inspectors appointed by the appropriate Government.
  • The Boilers and Pressure Plants shall only be operated by Attendants holding a valid certificate of competency issued under the appropriate Boiler Act;
  • The Insured shall be in possession of the unqualified permission in writing of the competent Inspecting Authority to operate the said Boilers and Pressure Plants. If the maximum pressure or load upon safety valve immediately prior to any explosion or collapse was in excess of that stipulated by the said Authority the Insured shall not be entitled to any compensation or indemnity.


  • The Company will not be liable under the Policy in respect of loss or damage due to
  • Fire and allied perils.
  • War, war like operations and nuclear perils
  • Experiments on the insured items that would have imposed abnormal conditions to their working
  • Gradually developing flaws, defects, cracks, partial fractures
  • Defects due to the wearing away or the wasting of the materials of a Boiler or a Pressure Plant whether by leakage, corrosion or by the action of the fuel, failures of joint within the range of steam or feed pipes, or for bulging and deformation due to overheating of tubes (unless such defects, fracture, failure or bulging result in explosion or collapse) or for the cracking of section of cast-iron heating boilers or other vessels constructed of cast iron
  • The failure of individual tubes in Boilers of the water tube locomotive or other multitubular types, in Super heaters or in Economizers
  • Application of steam hydraulic or any other test of this plant as specified by Inspecting Authority or otherwise
  • Willful Act, Willful Damage or Gross Negligence on the part of the Insured
  • Liability assumed by the Insured on agreement
  • Faults/defects existing at the time of commencement of this Insurance
  • Loss of use of the Insured's plant or property or any other consequential loss incurred by the Insured
  • Loss or damage for which the manufacturer or supplier or repairer of the property is responsible either by law or under contracts.
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