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SBI Life - Smart Wealth Builder

Smart Shield


You may have ever changing needs, but as your preferred life insurance company, SBI Life definitely understands all your financial & insurance needs. SBI Life - Smart Wealth Builder, a unit linked, non participating, insurance plan is an attempt to meet all your financial & insurance needs through a single product. You can use it the way you like. You can choose your required life insurance cover subject to a minimum and a maximum level.

Key Features:

  • Guaranteed Additions# (Conditions Apply) up to 125% of one annual regular premium on a regular premium policy, for a 30 year policy term, subject to the Policy being in force till the maturity date.
  • Guaranteed Additions starting as early as 10th policy year onwards.
  • No Policy Administration fees for first 5 years for Regular and Limited Premium Paying Term (LPPT) plans, thereby boosting your fund value
  • No Premium Allocation Charge from 11th year onwards .
  • Two Protection option available: Gold Option and Platinum Option
  • Enhanced investment opportunity through 7 varied Fund Options .
  • Life Insurance coverage, with minimum Sum Assured based on your age
  • Flexible product with an option to increase/decrease your Sum Assured from 6th policy year onwards

Plan at a Glance :

Age* at Entry Min: 7 years
Max: For Regular Premium & Limited Premium:  60 years
For Single Premium:  65 years
Age* at Maturity 70 years
Plan Type Regular Premium / Limited Premium / Single Premium
Policy Term^ Regular & Limited Premium Payment - 10 years, 15 to 30 years (both inclusive)
Single Premium - 5 to 30 years
Premium Payment Term 5/8 years for Policy term of 10 years
5/8/10 years for Policy term of 15-30 years
Premium Amount
(X 100)
Plan Type Premium Frequency Minimum Maximum
Regular premium Annual Rs. 30,000 Rs. 3,00,000
Limited premium Annual Rs. 40,000
Single premium Single Rs. 65,000
Premium Modes Single/Yearly
Sum Assured
Premium Mode Minimum (in Rs.) Maximum (in Rs.)
Age below 45 years Age 45 years or above Age below 45 years Age 45 years or above
Regular Premium Higher of
[(10 x AP ) or (0.50 x Term x AP)]
Higher of
(7 x AP) or (0.25 x Term x AP)]
20 x AP 20 x AP
Limited Premium 15 x AP 15 x AP
Single Premium 1.25 x SP 1.1 x SP 3 x SP 1.25 x SP

* All the references to age are age as on last birthday.

# Guaranteed Additions at the specified percentages for RP, LPPT & SP, will be given at the end of 10th policy year and every five years thereafter for policies which are in- force.

^ In case of minor lives, policy term should be appropriately chosen so as to ensure that at the time of maturity life assured should be a major. In case of minor lives, date of commencement of policy and date of commencement of risk shall be same

Various charges such as ’Premium Allocation Charges’, ’Policy Administration Charges’, ’Fund Management Charges’ etc are deducted. For the complete list of charges and their workings, please refer the Sales Brochure.


  • Maturity Benefit: (Applicable only for in-force policies): On completion of Policy Term, Fund Value will be paid.
  • Death Benefit: (Applicable only for in-force policies): Higher of the Fund Value or Sum Assured## is payable; with a minimum of 105% of total basic premiums paid till the date of intimation of death.
  • Tax Benefits: Tax deduction under Section 80 C is available. However in case the premium paid during the financial year, exceeds 10% of the sum assured, the benefit will be limited up to 10% of the sum assured.

Tax exemption under Section 10(10D) is available at the time of maturity/surrender, subject to the premium not exceeding 10% of the sum assured in any of the years during the term of the policy. However, death proceeds are completely exempt.

Tax benefits, are as per the Income Tax laws & are subject to change from time to time. Please consult your tax advisor for details.

## Net of partial withdrawals

For more details on risk factors, terms and conditions please read the sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale.

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